Furosemide Buy

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Furosemide Buy

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No new legislative enactments since last year's report. NEW JERSEY. A law very similar in its provisions to the U. S. Food and Drugs Act was passed, to lake effect October i, 1908. It excepts the official preparations of opium, iodine, cam- phor, ginger and peppermint, from the substances which are allowed to deviate in strength froift the official standards, provided such deviation is plainly and correctly stated on the label. Digitized by Google REPORT OF THE SECRETARY. 637 NEW MEXICO. The new State pharmacy law provides for the registration of only such persons as are at least 21 years of age and who have attended a high school for at least one full school year. A registration fee of $3 is collected annually, and failure or refusal to. pay the renewal fee within 60 days after the first of May results in revocation of the license,, which can only be re-obtained by re-examination of the candidate. If any Furosemide Buy registered pharmacist shall go out of the drug business for a period Furosemide Buy of 1 2 months, his certificate as- registered pharmacist shall thereupon expire and he shall not be re-instated without ex- amination. All penalties collected under the provisions of the Act are turned into the expense fund of the Board Furosemide Buy of Pharmacy, and the Board has power to revoke the certifi- cate of any registered pharmacist upon satisfactory evidence that the said pharmacist is addicted to the use of narcotic drugs or is an habitual drunkard. NEW YORK. A bill similar to the national Food and Drugs Act was presented to the Legislature but was vetoed by the Governor because the Anti-Narcotic League opposed it. A bill which passtd the Legislature and became a law was one permitting the wholesale houses to sell cocaine to each other under drastic restrictions in the ordinary course of daily business. Three or four other bills were presented and defeated, one of which required that the ingredients of each prescription or compound should be fully stated upon the label of the container, and another required that all prescriptions written by physicians- should be written in the English language, and that no patent proprietary medicines- should be prescribed. NORTH CAROLINA. No new legislation affecting pharmacists was enacted in this State during 1907 except the elimination of the word ** saccharin '' from the Food and Drugs Act. The Board of Pharmacy was given authority to define and designate non-poisonous and domestic rem- edies. OHIO. A bill similar in its provisions to the Federal Food and Drugs Act was passed, which was to take effect on July ist, 1908. Several other specific laic's were enacted to take effect during 1908 or 1909, including a linseed oil law and a vinegar law and a paint law. OKLAHOMA. A law was presented to the State Legislature, drafted along the lines of the Beal Model Pharmacy Law. The Legislature, however, adjourned without taking final action on the bill. Another law corresponding to the National Food and Drugs Act was intro- duced and was also defeateFurosemide Buy of one voter from each congressional district of the State actively engaged in the practice f pharmacy, appointed by the Governor, with Furosemide Buy the approval of the Senate. Annual reports are required from the Board of Pharmacy to the Secretary of State Furosemide Buy of the Commonwealth. Four year's
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